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Day with ReLegends

Day with ReLegends

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It is here! Get ready for an unforgettable journey into the world of automotive legends!
Enter our sanctuary where classic sports gems are parked. With our voucher you become part of ReLegends.

Experience 1 hour behind the walls of our offices, where dreams about cars are realized and become reality. We will answer all your questions and show you how it works with us. And then... 30 minutes of pure ecstasy when you find yourself in the shoes of a passenger in one of our majestic machines. Get ready for throbbing adrenaline and incredible excitement. This experience is more than just a ride, it's a journey through the heart of automotive passion.

Book your ticket to the world of emotions right now!


90 minutes in total

60 minutes of common time in the RLGNDS premises
30 minutes driving as a passenger
We look forward to you.

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